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With Legal, R&D, Finance and others involved in your intellectual portfolio management, a central repository for critical documents is essential. This is even more true when it comes to conflicts. You’ve likely spent a small fortune on your intellectual assets — so you want to be absolutely sure someone else isn’t encroaching on your rights.


Given the confidential nature of conflicts, you need a reliable, secure environment for monitoring, managing and collaborating on each instance and how you’re going to handle it.




In today’s highly competitive IP environment, your business and IP strategies must be aligned to maximize the value of your intellectual property assets. The common denominator in this alignment is an enterprise-level application that enables collaboration between departments and speeds decision making. Thomson IP Manager® from Thomson IP Management Services gives you the power to:


• Improve decision making with quick access to shared information


• Strengthen your portfolio through earlier involvement with product development


• Reduce risk inherent in legacy business systems


• Meet your strategic objectives with improved IP management


• Allocate R&D resources more efficiently.


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Maximizing the value of your IP assets requires vigilant maintenance of renewals and payments. But this can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Streamline IP management processes to save time, increase the value of your IP portfolio and drive global competitiveness.


IP Payments from Thomson IP Management Services can help you manage your payments to optimize your IP assets. We track each critical step so you never miss a due date or deadline. With quick access to information, you’ll be better prepared to make decisions that drive a successful IP strategy.


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 IP Rules from Thomson IP Management Services helps you meet all your global maintenance requirements. This powerful tool can energize your decision making process and take your IP management to the next level. Maximize the value of your IP portfolio with the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate collection of patent and trademark rules. With IP Rules you can:


• Strengthen your IP portfolio decision-making process


• Protect intellectual property by ensuring timely payments


• Improve accuracy of patent and trademark maintenance


• Save time and increase productivity with automated processes


• Verify integrity of portfolio data


• Assist with budget forecasting


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IP Professional Services from Thomson IP Management Services are resources to help you get the most out of your IP portfolio management. Whether you need additional hands-on training, advice on a particular project or guidance on strategic business concerns, the  IP Professional Services team can help.




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